Help! I’ve got no engagement on Twitter. What do I do?

No engagement from anyone on Twitter for your brand? You’re not alone.

On average, brands are followed by less than 1% of their customers on Twitter. This is because it is a social media, for people, talking about their lives. If your brand is getting no engagement, it’s because you’re talking business in a social space. We’ve all been guilty of this. Or tweets that are too sales focused. Or tweets that don’t lead anywhere.

Just because you’ve got no engagement now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. But you need to figure a few things out first.


  1. What are you trying to say exactly?

Do you want people to buy from you? Are you offering helpful advice? Are you sharing images of your office? Either way, your social media posts need to be about your CUSTOMER, not you.

This means working out what your customer wants, and offering them content that directly speaks to their pain points. Work out what you need to say to get cut through first, and then tweet.


2. Who is following you?

Have you used one of the many brilliant tools to grow a relevant Twitter following? Or are you sitting at home, with your finger in the air, hoping for the best?

Sign up for a Twitter growth tool that helps you identify, follow and unfollow the right audience for your product. Some help you to identify your competitor’s followers, and follow them in batches of 100. This means you can slowly aggregate a group of followers who are interested in what you’re talking about, and WILL engage with you. We promise.


3. Tweet less, think more

Sending out six tweets a day will annoy any followers. So aim for two or three. And keep your content 50% relating to other people, and 50% to your brand or product. You don’t want to overwhelm or bore your followers, so mix it up, and resist the urge to tweet all day. Instead of tweeting your own content throughout the day, go into Twitter and search for relevant hashtags, and then interact with other users who have the same interests. You might find they start engaging with you too.


All this takes time, and patience. And if there’s one thing I really believe, is that Twitter isn’t right for every company. You don’t have to tweet at all. But if you do, do so purposefully, and with care.

Get in touch with us if your engagement needs a helping hand, we’re ready to give you a bit of steer in the right direction.