No, you don’t need to post that.

Content marketing bristol


There’s a huge amount of pressure on companies at the moment to publish, publish, publish.

So many people I speak to are worried about having an ‘always on’ or ‘omni-channel’ marketing strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with this, really. But it’s not very human, is it? We’re not ‘always on,’ because we go to sleep. We’re not ‘omni’ beasts. Most of us have a couple of preferred methods of communication, which we stick to.

Lean Content was founded because I felt that businesses needed to step outside the bubble of ‘churn’ and realise that their marketing won’t fall off a cliff if they stop for a bit.

So. Don’t publish anything today.

Spend the day instead thinking creatively about what you really, really stand for. What do people think of when they look at your business? Why do your customers come to you? Have you asked them what makes you different?

The most important journey you can go on as a marketer is to deeply understand why your customers pick you. What it is about your brand, business or service that keeps them loyal.

Amplify that, and amplify it where your audience are likely to listen.

So, don’t retweet that irrelevant article. It won’t help.

Write something designed for your customer, to alleviate their concerns, and then you’ll be able to share it several times.

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