The 4 tools you need to make a marketing plan

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We’ve talked about how to plan your marketing before. Having a clear overall plan, a guiding light at the end of the tunnel, is an essential for marketing success. It gives you something to aim for, as well as a way of marking out your goals and expectations. And tracking your progress.

You may have mastered the Holy Trinity of Strategy, Targeting and Positioning. But everyone can use a little helping hand when it comes to organisation. That’s why we’ve picked out four of our favourite tools to make sure your winning strategy goes off without a hitch.



Trello is a super handy visual tool that helps you keep track of all of your many projects. With its clearly laid out system of ‘boards’, ‘lists’ and ‘cards’, it allows you to keep track of individual tasks within a project. As well as viewing projects as a whole.

You can even colour code tasks for an extra flash of administrative flair. Before moving tasks to show their progress, all the way from inkling of an idea to finished product. You can also add comments, attachments and deadlines to tasks, just to give you a super clear understanding of where everything is at.

It’s a lovely tool that offers an easy way to make sense of everything if your marketing plan is getting a bit out of control. It’s also great for collaboration, if you’ve got a growing team.

Speaking of which…


Google Sheets

Another wonderful way aide to collaboration, but also a useful tool in itself. In a solid move for the world, Google have taken the turbocharged admin engine that is MS Excel and stuck it on the internet. In the process they made it a) free and b) cloud-based.

That makes it the perfect economical way to keep everyone on track with all areas of your marketing plan.

As you would expect from a spreadsheet app, it offers a variety of nifty marketing aides. You can write a content schedule or a Gantt chart and then instantly share it with your co-workers. Who can then view and edit it in real time. The magic of the cloud, ladies and gentlemen.

Special nod to Google Docs too – Google Sheets’ less maths-y cousin. Offering you and your co-workers a place to share and edit word documents, free from the shackles of Microsoft Office.



The people at Evernote describe it in pretty impressive terms, including ‘your second brain’. You might be thinking ‘isn’t it just a note taking app?’. And in a sense, yes it is. But in another sense, it could be the key to your marketing plan.

Having a good digital notebook is great for drafting content and jotting down your brilliant ideas. But Evernote also offers a range of other features that will improve your marketing.

It’s integrated across all of your devices, so you’ll never be short of a way to capture that spark of inspiration. And it’s great for creating to-do lists, saving content and attachments, and of course sharing everything. Because pens are so 2017…


Reminder apps

All the tools listed here will help with your organisation – you’ll be able to keep track of your projects, deadlines, and tasks for the day. But for those of us who need a little extra reminder, there’s some very friendly dedicated apps just to remind you to do stuff.

Try the punily titled Wunderlist for a user-friendly way to keep all of your appointments and tasks on your mind when you need them to be. That way, you can spend the rest of your time thinking about your inevitable world domination. As you should.

Good organisation is the foundation of a good marketing plan, but keeping all the plates spinning at once can get a bit much for all of us at times.

And if you prefer your help from people rather than programs, why not give us a call.