The exercises we do with our clients – free marketing advice

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At Lean Content we love running workshops and talking to clients to help get a handle on the content ‘deluge’. The marketplace is flooded, and some are starting to feel like they’re drowning. But there’s nothing that gives us greater joy than working with brilliant people to get their message out in a way that cuts through the babble.

But just how do we do that? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to helping clients with their marketing. Here are a couple you can have for free, just for turning up:


Customer personas

It should be no surprise that we think good marketing strategy is customer-focussed. That means our exercises are to do with identifying and understanding your customer.

It’s going to be very tricky to understand how to market to someone if you don’t know who they are. But we’ve met a shocking number of businesses who spend good money on marketing without ever thinking who their customer actually is.

Try this. Think about your customer: who are they? What demographic do they belong to? What psychographic? (yes it’s a word.) Do you have a clear idea or picture of them in your head?

The best way to answer these questions, of course, is to actually go out and speak to your customers. If you have the time and resources, contact your customers directly. Ask them questions about why they bought from you or used your service. Find out the kinds of people who you should be aiming your marketing at.

I know what you’re thinking: what if I don’t have any customers yet?

Don’t worry we have an exercise for that…


Empathy mapping

This exercise is great if want to build up a picture of a customer but you’re unable to speak to them directly. It also works if you know you’re customer, but you want to get a deeper understanding of them. The better you can understand a customer’s mindset, the more capable you’ll be of making stuff they’ll love.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into six sections. In the centre, write the name of your ideal customer. Then in each of the six sections write the following headings:

Think/feel, see, hear, say/do

Then, for each of the headings, write down as many ideas as you can that describe what your ideal customer is thinking, seeing, hearing and so on. Do that until you have filled in all four boxes. Once you have done that, write the following headings in the remaining boxes:

Pain, gain

Underneath that heading, write lists of your customer’s pains – their frustrations and obstacles in life, and their gains – the things they really want.

Really push at these heading to eek out as much information about your ideal customer as you can. Once you’ve filled in your ‘empathy map’, you should have more than enough information to understand how to market to your customer.

But what should you do with all that information?


Content ideas

Now that you understand your customer properly, you have a valuable resource to help you create amazing content. Use your customer persona and empathy map to suggest content that they want to see/read/engage with.

Content that addresses their fears and concerns in life, and provides an answer. Content that shows them how to get the things they want out of life, and your business. Rattle off as many ideas as you can, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be.

We’ve seen people come up with six months of content ideas in ten minutes by starting from a customer persona and building on it. When you really understand your customer, creating amazing content becomes the easy part of the marketing process.


If all this sounds like a lot of fun to you, you can experience it in person, by getting in touch.