The internal value of content


Being able to show the business, environmental and social benefits of your work not only make for good PR, but also good HR.

No matter who your target audience is, there’s one group that will be reading every bit of content you produce, and that’s your own team.

Keeping sight of this hidden audience will help you not only build morale and communicate key goals to your team, but will also help you craft better campaigns all round.

Every member of your company is a spokesperson, marketing your business every time they explain what they do for a living. By having clear content and simple messaging, you make it easy for every member of your team to present your brand well. Absolutely nothing sticks as well as sincere, in-person interaction.


Content Marketing as Internal Comms

It’s far too easy to broadcast outside the office in a way that it’s never seen by your own people. So, make sure all your key content circulates internally. Share it as part of your internal newsletter, mention it in meetings and encourage contributions and social sharing amongst your team. 

When planning any campaign, you’ll likely be looking at how it applies to multiple audiences. Don’t forget to include your own people in your planning. Make your own team’s morale and engagement explicit goals for your marketing campaigns, and make those campaigns as visible as possible to your crew.

One great bit of content marketing is the story of real-world impact of your product. Any time you can show that the world is better off for having your products in it, that’s going to have an impact and deepen their engagement with you. But it’s also critical to keep those stories in front of your team. Make sure everyone who works with you is reminded of the tangible benefit of the Sysiphian tasks-at-hand. 


Demonstrate your values

Another internal benefit is when you can use content marketing to demonstrate your company values. Show the story of the team that put in the extra effort and delivered the goods, coding into the night while the snow fell. And show the customer that bought your app and saved their cupcake shop as a result of that work.

Make it real.

Sharing a story of one of your company values in action shows the world who you are as a company, but it also shows a tangible example of exactly what that value means.


Spotlight on the people who matter

And finally, brag about your people! Don’t be shy. They are your greatest asset. You know that, but tell the world! It makes the case for your company, and it makes them feel valued. It feels great to have someone toot your horn for you, so go on…toot!

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