How to use content to win more clients

Are you having trouble finding new clients? Are you spending all your time networking? You needn’t. Content will attract the right clients to your business without you having to lift a finger.

In 1905, Jello delivered recipe books to millions of homes. This transformed Jello from a failing company into a long-term success. We know content is a proven way of generating sales.*

What makes great content? Find the point your services crossover with your customer’s pain, and use it to communicate your value in a friendly, direct way. Here’s 3 ways to use content to win more business:


  1. Write content tailored for your ideal customer

Just as Jello did back at the turn of the 20th century, spend time thinking about the topics your customers frequently ask for help with. Stuck for dinner ideas? No problem, here’s a recipe.

What are the commonly asked questions you get from your prospects? Are they constantly worried about price? Do they misunderstand some aspect of digital technology? Do they need help with a financial, or technical part of their business? Either way, tailoring your content to exactly where you deliver value is a no-brainer way to win more clients.


  1. Ask for contact details

It may sound obvious, but getting an email address from a download is your number one priority. Why? Because you need to start a conversation directly with your customer to win more clients, and there’s no more effective way of converting a lead than email. In fact, email marketing still outperforms ALL other channels.


  1. Keep it short, sweet and relevant

One of the reasons the Jello recipe book is such a brilliant example, is that it wasn’t a long drawn-out advert. In fact, a short recipe book with minimal branding was what changed Jello from a floundering company into a huge success.


So, keep your content short, sharp and super-focused on what your customers need. Don’t bother writing 1500 word essays, because people are busy.


We know you’re busy, so we’ve put our top 10 tricks for winning clients with content into a simple one-pager. Get it below, just by filling in the form:

(See what we did there?)