How to get more bang from your blog


If you’re blogging about what you do but not getting leads, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve to help you win more business!

Blogging regularly, thinking about your keywords and carefully addressing your customers needs is all well and good. But if you’re not using your blog in these three ways, then you’re probably seeing no ROI. Here’s three ways to turn your poor old blog into a lead-generating machine:


  1. Content distribution is EVERYTHING

Are you sharing your blog content across your other channels? Email, social media, content syndication to your referral partners, use on LinkedIn pulse, use on network pages, use as copy for events you’re hosting, use on your newsletter? We could go on.

But SHARE your blog around, don’t simply post and hope for the best. Send your blog out like a carrier pigeon, far and wide…


  1. CTAs are a close second

If content is king, and distribution is queen, well, we think calls to actions are the rest of the courtiers. Without a good call to action (CTA) don’t expect to get anywhere. And pepper your blog throughout with cross-links, forms and other download options to get your prospect engaging across your site.


  1. Don’t think singularly, think in silos

Rather than producing a single blog, why not group your blogs around a single downloadable asset? Pick a hot topic that your customers regularly ask about, produce something that will get results for your customer, and package it up as a group. Cross-link, distribute, share and get some traction across a series of pieces. If you don’t know what we mean:

We know you’re busy, so we’ve put our top 10 tricks for winning clients with content into a simple one-pager. You can get it below, just by filling in this form. (See what we did there?)