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We’re just a Bristol-based content marketing agency that gets B2B tech brands (hello, you) results by creating content your audience actually cares about.

Nothing flashy about that. But we’re not one for shiny objects. We like to keep things simple.

We love: Human conversations, learning about you and listening to your customers.

We hate: Bullshit advice, faff and bells and whistles no one needs or asks for.

It’s a balance that keeps us honest, authentic and affordable. Most importantly, it means what you pay for works. As well it should.

How we work

We stick to a process that we know works every time: Research. Plan. Create. Always in that order.

We thought about giving it a fancy name, but we like that it confidently is what it is and does what it says.


We learn everything there is to know about you and your market. You tell us your goals and where you want to be seen. We take notes and ask questions until we know exactly what you want to say and your audience wants to hear.


We work together to turn your key messages into a content roadmap that sets out your goals, responsibilities, customer pain points and the types of content to solve them. You use this to decide how much to invest each month and use our simple points-based pricing to pay for the content you need (and nothing you don’t).


We set to work creating, publishing, testing and tweaking content that gets you seen, heard and remembered. We’ll even manage your brand communications to keep conversations flowing and your community growing. You enjoy the results. And have a bit more time to tackle the other jobs on your plate.
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  • It’s been really refreshing working with Jo and her team at Lean Content. They’re proactive, technically and commercially savvy and receptive to our feedback. Jo is very strategic in her approach to content marketing and has helped Daemon see the benefit in delivering consistent, high-quality content targeted to our audience. Working with Lean Content is a pleasure, and I’d happily recommend Jo and her team.
    Helette Gelderblom, Head of Brand & Marketing
  • We've been working with Jo & Lean Content for a while now and are delighted with the quality of the content we receive. Very little editing is needed from our side which allows us to focus our time on other marketing activities. Jo and her team were able to understand our brand's voice and goals very quickly, and they have been able to create content that resonates strongly with our target audience. We've also seen some great results in terms of engagement rate on LinkedIn. I highly recommend Jo & Lean Content to anyone looking for a content marketing agency that can provide a creative, strategic, and results-driven approach. They are a pleasure to work with!
    Steve Savage, Marketing Manager
  • Jo is an excellent writer and listener! We have been working together now for over 12 months - the work delivered is constantly at a very high level. Whenever scripts or posts are returned we never need to do much editing / alterations - a testament to her writing ability. Believe me, when working with freelancers it's VERY hard to get individuals to deliver such good quality without extra work. I'd thoroughly encourage you to work with Jo if you want to take your content marketing to the next level.
    Edwin Abl, CMO and founder
  • Jo is an incredibly diligent copywriter with the aptitude to embrace our technology, which in turn, creates truly fluid content. She is a methodical strategist with the confidence to provide high-level content and planning. She is an amazing asset to me, my colleagues and to the company. Jo is blessed with great listening skills which show in her produced work. I can always rely on Jo for accurate and knowledgeable content each and every time! She is also full of exciting ideas and brilliantly creative ways of initiating campaigns. May our collaboration continue for many more years to come!
    Gemma Taylor

Meet the humans you'll work with.

Jo Millett

Founder and Content Marketing Manager

Jo has a knack for three main things in this world: drinking coffee, ignoring the dishes and content marketing.

She’s convinced the first two are genetic. The third is definitely learned behaviour.

It comes from years of working in-house as a copywriter, being obsessed with SEO, blogging, social media and podcasting, writing one, two, three books about content marketing, and growing this very agency using the very tactics she wrote about.

Jo is the person on the other end of the phone, email or desk helping you figure out what you need, then delivering it.

When she’s not doing that, you’ll find her nattering to brilliant business owners on her podcast, Niche Upon a Star. Meanwhile, the dishes continue to pile up.

Lead Copywriter: Martin Pilgrim

Martin turns ideas into words that have your audience nodding in agreement, clicking with intent and buying with enthusiasm.

It’s a skill he uses on everything from web copy and blog posts to emails and social media posts, for clients in industries ranging from retail technology to financial risk assessment.

Before copywriting, Martin was a stand-up comedian and often writes for other comedians, which explains the whole being able to win over an audience thing. Some of his jokes have been featured on Radio 4 Extra. He declined to share any of them here, so here’s one of ours instead: “I once met the bloke that invented the window sill. Absolute ledge.” Martin’s are better.

When he’s not writing copy or jokes, he works as a magazine columnist and film reviewer. Honestly, there’s no type of writing the man can’t do.


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