About Us

Lean Content are the only content agency dedicated to helping businesses streamline marketing (and STOP spending time and money on content that isn’t winning them business)

I’m Jo Duncan, and I’m a marketing professional with 6 years’ experience in writing content that gets businesses more engagement, more clients, and more sales.

During my years working under various agencies, I saw a lot of businesses investing heavily in content marketing, and wondering why it wasn’t working.

We're here to help.

It was deeply frustrating to see these people scrambling to populate every platform, and churning out endless content ‘because that’s what we should be doing’. It cost them money, and it took up a lot of their time.

I wrote Lean Content the book, and founded Lean Content the agency, to help businesses streamline their output and STOP spending time and money on content that isn’t winning them business.

Get your copy of Lean Content the book here, and discover for yourself how to radically simplify your digital output

We help you take control of your online voice, and work together to create one simple message.

This way, everyone in your business knows your proposition inside-out, and where to focus your efforts.

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