Frequently Asked Questions

What is content marketing?

Put simply, content is anything you choose to publish online. It’s just writing, or video, or pictures. We specialise in written content.

Content marketing is great. It lets you speak directly to the people you want to reach. It’s about listening to your audience and sharing information that they will enjoy and get value from. Valuable content builds trust in your brand which leads to more sales.

Why do I need to publish fresh content?

There are 5 excellent reasons to publish content regularly:

  1. It establishes you as an authority on the thing you sell.
  2. It starts a conversation between you and your customer, based on their questions.
  3. It can improve your Google search ranking.
  4. Publishing to multiple channels (Medium, LinkedIn pulse) can also widen readership and drive more traffic to your website.
  5. It empowers customers to investigate your business before they buy, shortening the buying cycle and putting the onus on them to approach you.

Shouldn’t I just do this myself?

Arguably, yes. If you have the time and will to regularly write and publish written content, then good! You’re the person in the best position to do so.

However, if you’re a marketing manager or business owner whose role doesn’t necessarily revolve around writing content, then having an external writer can have numerous benefits. It saves you time, helps you reach more customers and positions you as an authority on whatever channel you choose.

What is a content calendar?

It’s an editorial list of everything you intend to publish, in order. It spreads the burden of publishing across a realistic timeframe, making regular content more manageable for a team. It also enables you to plan strategically, over a year for example, so that all your content covers key customer questions and encourages sales.

Why do I need a content calendar?

Creating a calendar means you’re planning ahead. This makes it more likely that you’ll see the plan through, you won’t rush, you can share the load amongst a team and you can stay accountable. I also find that planning means you are more likely to connect with the bigger purpose behind your content – the creation of a book, for example.

Do I need to publish to every social media channel?

No. Choose one or two channels that have already brought you new business leads. Focus on the areas that you and your customers hang out, devote your time and energy to places that feel appropriate. You won’t close a large B2B deal on TikTok, but you shouldn’t sell scented candles on LinkedIn.

How much will all of this cost me?

Our books are all £25 to download. They’re little DIY guides to your specific pain point (content, social media or strategy) and can offer enough guidance for you to get 80% of the way yourself.

My rates – single items

800 word blog article – 175

1600 word white paper – 350

up to 400 word page web copy – 250

My rates – projects

Marketing strategy workshop (includes editorial calendar, customer persona & key messages presentation deck) – 500

Tone of voice branding workshop (includes tone of voice presentation deck and half day workshop) – 750

Content marketing retainers (includes weekly deliverables of editorial content) – from 250