How to improve your website copy in 3 steps.

It’s a time of hardship for many small businesses. Your marketing budget may be non-existent. And you’ve got a lot of time on your hands.

Now’s probably a good time to update your website copy. Without hiring a copywriter.

I’d like to share three simple tips for improving your website copy. You can do these in an afternoon and get 80% of the way to having better UX. To get 100% of the way, you might need some extra help.



Go back through all of your web copy and write everything (yes, everything) for an imaginary customer. Imagine you’re sitting in front of them right now. Look into their beautiful, misty eyes and try to connect what you do with their problem.

Any sentences anywhere featuring ‘I’ or ‘Me’ can be replaced with ‘You.’ Address every part of your website to the customer, directly.

This single change can transform the performance of your web copy.

‘We provide X Y Z solutions’ becomes ‘You need X Y Z. We’re experts in that.’

Can you feel the difference already?

Single action

The next way to improve any page of web copy is to replace multiple actions with a single course of action.

‘Get in touch’ and ‘Book a call’ and ‘Sign up for a newsletter’ are all great, but can over complicate and confuse the single action you want your customer to take.

Step back and think about the ONE single action you want every prospect to take.

Make every single call to action the SAME across your entire site. If the first step is to book a meeting, make every button say so.

Less is more

Finally, sleep on your changes and return the following day to cut an additional 20%. This might mean losing entire pages. This is good.

I revisited my own websites earlier this year and cut down my pages by 50%. Some of the best websites available focus on quality, not quantity.

Yes, Google ranks because of the content of your site. But the days of volume-based content marketing are firmly over. Instead, I’d strongly suggest you keep it simple. Cut down your pages, keep your calls to action coherent and talk consistently and clearly to your customer.

If, after all this, you’re still silly enough to want to hire me to write your website copy, then it’s your own fault.