Flipper are a brilliant company based in Bristol. Flipper.co.uk helps their customers to massively reduce their energy bills through a process known as ‘auto-switching.’ Auto-switching changes your energy provider, without you having to do a thing. Win!

Unlike other comparison sites (ahem!) Flipper don’t take commission from any energy suppliers, because they’re totally independent. They’re the good guys. They also deliver amazing results to the customers, saving some people £1,000’s a year on their energy bills. When they came to us for a content plan and ongoing marketing content, we Flipped out!


Flipper wanted to raise their Google SEO ranking using keyword-rich content. Serving their members as their very own industry experts, they needed that content to be useful, authoritative, and to sound like them. Helpful, honest and trusted. Ensuring their customers they’re in good hands.

People are (weirdly) loyal to their energy providers. Even if they could save a packet, most of us just stay with the same provider long-term. This makes the world of auto-switching an interesting, but often less-known market. Despite fiercely loyal fans, many people still are reluctant to use an auto-switcher. Flipper wanted to raise awareness of auto-switching, and de-mystify how their technology worked.


Our solution:

We provided Flipper with the following services:

  • Deep Dive workshop
  • Content Roadmap
  • Ongoing content – including white papers, press releases, blog articles
  • We collaborated with their in-house team to draw out the expertise and write content that really made a difference for their customer


The result:

Over a period of 5 months, we delivered regular blog content, white papers and press releases to grow Flipper’s presence online. Using a collaborative approach, we worked with their team and their SEO specialist, to deliver SEO-friendly, customer-facing content.


  • Their web traffic, time spent on site and number of pages read has significantly increased due to improved rankings on numerous terms relating to the new trend of flipping, auto switching and some of the larger volume/more familiar terms within the switching industry.
  • Sales through organic search has risen as well over the recent months as overall rankings continue to improve for Flipper.




“Jo and Laura have a been a real pleasure to work with. Heaps of ‘energy’ (excuse the pun) and passion for what they do. Their ability to grasp quite a complicated industry in such a short space of time certainly helped us get high quality content straightfrom the start. I would definitely recommend them to any business looking to boost their blog, social, PR and CRM channels with well written and informative content written in any style or tone you require. With any good content – as we were provided, the SEO benefits naturally followed.”


Andrew Mostert, Digital Marketing Manager, Flipper.