About Modulr

Modulr is the Payments-as-a-Service API for digital businesses. Built around a new type of payment account, Modulr replaces bank accounts for payments. Modulr accounts come with sort codes, access to payment schemes and everything you’d expect. But they’re faster, easier and more reliable. Our API integrates into any platform or system. Businesses can instantly open as many accounts as they need, automate how they get paid, reconcile and make payments, all in real-time, 24/7.  

Modulr automates pay out, simplifies pay in and delivers new services for businesses across travel, lending, payments fintech, employment services, software provision and more. 

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Modulr’s CMO wanted to create an ongoing stream of LinkedIn thought leadership, to raise the profiles of himself and the company’s CEO.



We provided Modulr the following service:

  1. Deep Dive workshop
  2. Content Roadmap and Key Messaging deck
  3. Ongoing content
  4. We collaborated with their in house team to draw out new thought leadership


The result

We worked closely with the CMO, CEO and Head of Content to devise a programme of relevant fintech thought leadership. We focused specifically on the payments market and created topics that would be in-depth and interesting to a the networks of the CMO and CEO.


Client testimonial

“Jo delivers excellent quality content with minimum fuss and hassle. The process of her questioning really is simple – and helps make everything super smooth. And getting all the relevant information to grasp (at times) very complex information and distilled into very consumable, research led and effective copy. Would highly recommend”

Edwin Abl, CMO