Bailes & Light

Bailes & Light

Bailes and Light are a killer immersive lighting design company. They’re also really cool guys (which is a plus). Their online presence wasn’t representative of who they are (really cool guys) and what they do (really cool stuff). Their business was mostly word-of-mouth referral based. But they wanted to pimp out their website to increase online sales and brand awareness.

Bespoke strategy

We devised a dedicated three month content campaign to refine Bailes and Light’s online persona and clarify their user journey. We worked closely with them to understand their tone and message. Then, we created ‘bespoke’ (I seriously hate the word bespoke – but we wrote it just for them so it’s bespoke…) content to reflect this, and bring their site in line.

We produced a series of case studies (like this one!) to showcase the amazing work that Bailes and Light do. And we made sure they were in a style that reflects who Bailes and Light are, both as people and as a brand.

Overall, we listened to Bailes and Light to make the most relevant, focussed content possible. We worked tirelessly to make sure everything we created for them was in line with their character, values and goals.

Content for cool cats

Working with Bailes and Light has been a bloody treat. Discovering their brand and boosting it with crafted content is what we’re all about at Lean. Their new content and UX gives users a sense of the wonderful work Bailes and Light do. Who wouldn’t want to be lit by these guys? I would, but then I’d have to be an immersive theatre or festival event. That would not be practical.

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