Privacy Policy

Privacy matters to us. So we’ve tried to keep this short and sweet, with only the information that matters to you. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to give me a shout:

This privacy policy is about the data we collect, how we collect it, and any third parties involved.

If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter, you’re welcome to. We send one monthly email newsletter* (*rant) using Mailchimp.

Mailchimp’s system means you opt-in to check that you’re 100% sure you want to be a subscriber.

Sign up with this form, and then Mailchimp will send you an email to confirm you’re sure.

Every email comes with an unsubscribe button – to help you stay in charge of all the communications you get. It’s easy!

Cookies are great, so let’s be honest about how we use them at Lean Content.

We use Google Analytics to see which bits of content you like most, and Google Analytics uses cookies to record the websites you visit. Your visit will show up in Google Analytics telling me you looked at this page. But that’s all it will say, I don’t collect personal data from you this way.


Your data

Sometimes we will collect data from you – your name, your email address and anything else you provide me with. The times we collect data are:

  • signing up for the newsletter
  • filling out a contact form

I won’t give your information to anyone else.

I use this data to send out a monthly newsletter, which is usually in the form of a blog (although we don’t post it anywhere else, so it’s valuable.) I also use it to send books to people who order them. After 3 months I delete this data, and don’t share it with anyone else.

You have the right to see any information I hold about you, so please do request it if you’d like. You have the right to change any information or ask me to delete any information I hold about you.


Third parties

For my newsletter I use MailChimp to store email addresses. It’s registered on Privacy shield, to protect your information.

I use Gmail for email communications, which is also on the same Privacy framework.

My website is using https/ssl security, so it’s also safe as houses.

If you order a book, I use Insightly to record orders and send out confirmation emails. This is also registered on Privacy Shield.

If you’ve got questions about this privacy policy, send me an email: