Stuck for blog ideas? Here’s 10 ways to get inspired.

If you’re feeling stuck for fresh, fun blog ideas, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

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How can you pick a series of titles that will inspire and engage your customers? Here are 10 little tricks to get you going.

1. Always start with your target audience in mind

Think about your target reader. Ask yourself some questions:

  • What problems are they encountering daily that I could help with?
  • What are the biggest challenges they’re facing in their lives?
  • What advice or guidance could I offer, that might make their day better?

2. Ask ‘Answer the Public’

My second favourite internet repository of blogging goodness is the wonderful Answer the Public. Type in your SEO keywords, and you’ve automatically got a beautiful wheel of content ideas. Fab!

3. Write a list of questions your most recent new customer asked you.

Remember that conversation you had with a prospect last week? What questions did they ask you? Was it:

  • How much do you charge?
  • How do I work with you?
  • How long will this project take?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with answering these basic, important questions. You can use them in future sales conversations, too..

4. Look on social media

Head over to your favourite social media procrastination tool. Search for your keywords, industry or product, and see what comes up. What conversations are happening? Could you join in?

Has anyone had an influx of (I assume) bots liking any public posts and following you on Facebook in the past few days? It’s bizarre. Locked profile down but all my old public posts are still there.— Livia Lucie (@TheEvilFrog) 4 April 2019

5. Pay attention to bloggers that you already like

Who do you subscribe to? (No-one, really? Well, now’s the time to change that). What sort of thing do they post? What blogs have you loved recently? What could you learn from that?

Find out who the key influencers in your industry are. Spend 15 minutes checking out their most recent posts. I’ll bet that they’re not generic, or lacking in opinion. Have some confidence to dive into the issues that really matter to you! And when in doubt, always look to the experts for inspiration.

My favourite marketing blogs:

Seth Godin, Velocity Partners, Copyblogger, ProCopywriters

6. Be specific

It’s tempting to go broad when blogging, but this is counter-intuitive. Could you make a list of 20 niggles that you’ve had in the last month?

HubSpot’s data backs up the value of specific, niche blogging. In a review of 3 million titles, they notices that those which gave more information about the content the reader is getting performed 38% better than others.

7. A/B test

Before you blog, why not share a couple of title ideas on social media? Use Twitter poll to ask your audience which title they’d find more helpful.


How do you feel about your current pricing levels?— Megan Rose Freelance Copywriter (@MegRFreelance) 26 March 2019

8. Write from your experience

If you’re stuck for blog ideas, it can be nightmarish. Instead of fretting about writing a huge, information-packed essay, why not just share a story that happened to you recently? Be open, be honest and be fearless!9

One of the best performing blogs I ever wrote was about the lessons I learned after opening my own business. It was brutally honest (and I was nervous as hell publishing it) but it worked.

9. Get some title inspiration

The internet is full of blog title generators. Some are better than others. But to get you going, head over to Audience Boom and pick from any of their 101 blog title frameworks.

10. Order a free copy of Lean Content Marketing – we devote an entire chapter to creating awesome blog titles!

Our wonderful blue book is still free to order as a PDF, or just £2 inc. P&P for a physical copy posted to your very doorstep. Nice!

Get your copy here: